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Meet Chris Bell


Chris Bell, who is a former US congressman and Houston City Councilmember, is from Texan. He is now running for US senator. The father of two has strong roots and bound with Texas and is willing to fight the harmful policies to make the city run smoothly. He believes that bad policies that have been put in place have affected not only Texas but also the entire nation. Thus, should he get the US senator position, he will see to it that the poor policies have been changed.

He is standing up for the Texas Families by lowering the cost of health care. Doing this is ideal as it is something that will open opportunities for both the rich and the poor to get heath care. He understands that the heath of the people is paramount. He also knows that the cost is high, and this sidelines many people without insurance and money. With the new policies, many people will be able to get access to medical care. This will not only improve the lives of the people but will also increase the mortality rate.

The other thing he will do is to fight corruption. Corruption is something that is growing in the country. Thus, as a way of making sure that everyone is treated fairly, you will find that he is going to fight corruption and Defeat John Cornyn. The fight will start from those in the government office to the police and all those who offer government services. Without corruption, there will e a fair ruling for everyone.

Chris will also work on expanding opportunities. These opportunities will not be for the people of Texas but also for those in the country. He believes that as a country, there are many opportunities that are available for the people in the country. Thus, he is willing to tap on these opportunities to ensure that everyone in Texas, as well as the country, gets an equal chance to work and thrive.

When you are voting Chris Bell for Senate, you need to get someone who has a moral compass. He is a senator who will fight for everyone, and not only those who are rich and connected. If this is the case, then you should vote for Chris. He also believes that Texas is the future and that the future is bright. If you are looking for someone who will change Texas for the better, then you should give him a chance.


Find out more at  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Bell_(politician) .